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1. Students from middle schools and universities throughout the world.

2. Researchers from research institutes or enterprises.

3. Individuals or groups interested in CubeSat and Astronautics.

Content of the contest

The theme of this contest is "CubeSat, the platform of an innovative space mission." The contents of the contest are listed below:

1.Innovative platforms and subsystems of CubeSats

2.Innovative payload and application of CubeSats

3.CubeSats deep space exploration mission

4.Other new concepts and ideas about CubeSats.

Participating method


1. Both individuals and groups are entitled to sign up for the contest. Groups should contain no more than 5 participants and they may be from different organizations.

2. The website for registering, participating and submission of work for all participants:

3. Each participant is allowed to have 1 or 2 instructors for guiding their work.



The contest will have three prizes:

30000CNY for the first prize;

20000CNY for the second prize;

10000CNY for the third prize;

The contest will set prizes including the first prize, the second prize, and the third prize. There will be a free launch opportunity of 3U CubeSat or 1U payload capacity for the winner (provided by Expace Technology Co., Ltd.). The award ceremony will be held at the China microsatellite Symposium on November 20th, 2018



Jordi Puig-Suari

Chair of Committee

Dr. Puig-Suari received B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. Degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Purdue University. Currently, Dr. Puig-Suari is a Professor in the Aerospace Engineering Department at CalPoly, San Luis Obispo. Dr. Puig-Suari’s areas of expertise include spacecraft design, low-cost space systems, integration and testing, and vehicle dynamics and control. Dr Puig Suari is the author or co-author of over 75 papers and presentations. In 1999, Dr Puig-Suari and Prof. Bob Twiggs at Stanford developed the CubeSat standard and since then Dr. Puig-Suari has maintained a leadership role in the CubeSat community and his team has been involved in supporting orbital launches for over 140 CubeSats worldwide. In addition to launch activities, Cal Poly's team has been lead the development and launch of 8 CubeSats and is currently working on 5 additional CubeSats. In 2011, Dr. Puig-Suari co-founded Tyvak Nano-satellite Systems to support the commercial CubeSat market.

Li Deren

Co-Chair of Committee

Prof. Li. is a scientist in photogrammetry and remote sensing. Prof. Li enjoys dual membership of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is member of the Euro-Asia International Academy of Science. He got bachelor and master degree from Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping in 1963 and 1981 respectively, and doctor degree from University of Stuttgart in 1985. In 2008, he received honorary doctorate from ETH Zurich. In 1988, he was awarded National Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contribution. In 2012, Prof. Li was awarded Geospatial World Leadership by Abdul Kalam. International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing awarded him Honorary Member. Prof. Li is the director of academic committee of both Wuhan University and State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, and director of Collaborative Innovation Center of Geospatial Technology. He also serves as advisory or honorary professor in more than 50 well-known universities all over the world. Prof. Li has published over 800 papers and 12 books and chief-edited 8 books. He has won National Science and Technology Progress Innovation Group Award, 5 second prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award and the Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation.

Zhou Jun

Co-Chair of Committee

Professor Zhou Jun received B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. Degrees in Aircraft Control, Guidance and Simulation from Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU). Now Professor Zhou Jun is a Professor in the school of astronauticss at NPU. Professor Zhou Jun is the director of National United Engineering Laboratory of Microsatellite Technology and Application. Professor Zhou Jun's major research directions are spacecraft control and simulation technology and modern control theory and application. Professor Zhou Jun is the author or co-author of over 200 papers and has published four monographs. He is an invited expert of the satellite system technology professional group of the general equipment department, an expert of the comprehensive demonstration group of manned lunar landing project, an expert of the demonstration group of the third-stage lunar exploration project, and an expert of the lunar exploration engineering application committee.

Gold Sponsor


Expace Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service of KZ family of launch vehicles. Though we are improving the KZ family, we have now KZ-1A launcher with carrying capacity 200kg/700km SSO and KZ-11 launcher with carrying capacity 1000kg/700km SSO. We dedicate ourselves to the global market of commercial launch service, developing LEO payload capacity of 1.5 metric tons to provide cost-effective, reliable and accurate commercial launch service for customers all over the world. We actively explore a new path of commercial aerospace to provide a platform and a layout for the commercial space industry. In the meantime, we are extending our business to fields including ground facilities, satellite-manufacturing, and satellite-application, enabling a vertical integration of industrial chain and establishing a new model of space application.



School of astronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University
China Great Wall Industry Corporation
Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, CAS
Areospace China
Beijing SpaceD Aerospace Science Communication and Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd.